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For suppliers

About Gelia

Gelia is the DIY (Do-It-Yourself) division at Ahlsell. We have electrical and heating & plumbing products for both professionals and consumers. We do not sell directly to private individuals, but our products are available at hardware, construction and electrical retail trade stores, flooring, paint and tile stores and in convenience goods stores.

Gelia is active in the Nordic area. We are located in Sweden, Norway and Finland under the Gelia name, and in Denmark we offer our heating & plumbing range under the VVS Trading name.

We pack products in SB bags (Self-service packaging), and assemble extension cords and portable power outlets, for example, at Gelia in Grästorp, Sweden. We also test products here that we produce ourselves. Approximately 30 people work at our production and assembly facility. Around 7 million SB bags are produced in Grästorp in the space of a year.

We can also produce special orders on a quote basis.

Gelia's business idea

We provide added values and customized solutions, services and products to retail companies.

Melding fra Gelia

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